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Re: X won't start having upgraded from xsever to xorg

Adam Hardy wrote:
> Antony Gelberg on 14/09/05 10:00, wrote:
>> Tong Sun wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> This is a real emergency. My X won't start now, having
>>> upgraded from xsever to xorg.
>>> Is there any way I can have my X back?
>>> I saw in thread
>>> Routine upgrade of packages tracking etch has hosed
>>> gnome
>>> http://linux.derkeiler.com/Mailing-Lists/Debian/2005-09/1631.html
>>> that there is way to restore using xserver instead of
>>> xorg. I tried to follow it, but wasn't successful.
>>> I removed all xorg and xserver packages and reinstall
>>> xserver from scratch, but still I was forced to
>>> install xorg.
>>> I installed the xorg, try its hardware auto-detection,
>>> again, but still my X won't start. The sypmtom is,
>>> still, the screen gets into graphic mode, with garbage
>>> on it, and the whole system just freeze. I tried
>>> Ctrl-Alt-\, Ctrl-Alt-F?, Ctrl-Alt-Del, nothing worked.
>>> Please help. It's a real emergency, and I'm desperate.
>>> Is there any way, any?
>> Use Debian stable.  If you can't handle package balls-ups, it's really
>> not a good idea to run testing or unstable.
> Hi there, just jumping in.
> Months back, I installed Sarge.
> Then in synaptec last week I did an upgrade of everything that was
> upgradeable. Brave and foolish with my experience, yes, but it worked,
> but I was having problems with gnome and wanted to sort it.
> Now at my login prompt, it says I have Unstable/Testing and it swapped
> my XFree86 for X.org.
> And I didn't change anything in my sources file.
> So I was more or less lead astray just by trying to keep up-to-date,
> while trying to be sensible.
> So pity the poor OP. Maybe he/she never intended to move off Debian Stable.

The OP is tracking etch which is currently testing.  As for what
happened to you, perhaps you installed Sarge when it was testing, so you
never installed stable in the first place?  Sources files don't just change.

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