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X won't start having upgraded from xsever to xorg


This is a real emergency. My X won't start now, having
upgraded from xsever to xorg. 

Is there any way I can have my X back? 

I saw in thread 

Routine upgrade of packages tracking etch has hosed

that there is way to restore using xserver instead of
xorg. I tried to follow it, but wasn't successful. 

I removed all xorg and xserver packages and reinstall
xserver from scratch, but still I was forced to
install xorg. 

I installed the xorg, try its hardware auto-detection,
again, but still my X won't start. The sypmtom is,
still, the screen gets into graphic mode, with garbage
on it, and the whole system just freeze. I tried
Ctrl-Alt-\, Ctrl-Alt-F?, Ctrl-Alt-Del, nothing worked.

Please help. It's a real emergency, and I'm desperate.

Is there any way, any?

thanks a lot

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