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Re: Debian "install server" setup

On 9/12/05, Mark Lijftogt <mark@rondom.org> wrote:
> <snipped>
> Because you told us that it is for home use only I don't see any use in
> FAI, or getting the whole shabang that Debian has to offer. Over 15.000
> packages downloaded, and at the most 1000 used if you are totally lost
> and out of luck.

Thank you and I will start looking at apt-proxy.

Most likely I won't (currently) need anything more than apt-proxy. 
BUT, when I decide to open my connection to others (I am one of the
few that has more than dial-up in my area) what will I need to do to
allow them to install/update from my LAN?  It won't happen for a while
(two months at least) so I will have plenty of time to study up on
what is needed.

(seriously, I am not trying to be difficult.  I just don't have anyone
else to ask)


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