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Re: Debian "install server" setup

On Mon, Sep 12, 2005 at 01:27:30PM -0500, Preston Boyington wrote:
>  antgel to debian-user wrote:
> <snipped>
> > Perhaps I missed the point, but don't you want to use apt-proxy for
> > offering this service?
> I was under the impression that apt-proxy was used for serving packages that one had downloaded for a particular machine.  So if I had downloaded "pingus" for my child it would be available, but a package not previously installed would need to be downloaded from the internet like normal.
> Can I use apt-proxy with debmirror (I am mirroring Woody, Stable, Testing, and Unstable for three architectures) for my local mirror?
> I promise I am not trying to be difficult, this is just an area I have never looked into and I am not sure about the best way to proceed.
> I have also received an email saying that I might want to look into using a local FTP server, so I will add that to my list of possibilities.
> How are others accessing their local network mirrors?
> Preston

Good grief..
Now, lets get a couple of things straight before we head on getting your
hands dirty before you realy know what you could do best in all diffrent
kind of situations.

Because you told us that it is for home use only I don't see any use in
FAI, or getting the whole shabang that Debian has to offer. Over 15.000
packages downloaded, and at the most 1000 used if you are totally lost
and out of luck.

For a home use apt-proxy works fine, and provides you with less strain
on your internet connection then keeping your complete mirror of almost
everything up to date. It can be a good excersise though.

Let's take apt-proxy, and lets focus on that for now. Afterwards you may
want to start taking a look at pieces of software you want to provide
yourself.. but I promise you, if you don't take care of your
dependencies.. it will bite you.

Grabbed from package description:

Description: Debian archive proxy and partial mirror builder development
 This is version 2 of apt-proxy which will, when ready, replace
 apt-proxy v1.

  apt-proxy automatically builds a Debian HTTP mirror based on requests
  which pass through the proxy.  It's great for multiple
   Debian machines on the same network with a slower internet link.

Now, say that you run a network of over 50 computers (server/workstation,
whatever), with an addition of say.. one a week, it would be wise to take
a look at a mirror that is within your network, where you do a fast install
with a certain profile to get your service back up and running within
the hour (or even less).  If this is the case, and we are working with
SLA's that demand that kind of effort, take a look at what your are
looking at now. 

So, before getting yourself a couple Gb's of which you will use less
then 1, take a look at tools that make your life a bit easier.

Good luck

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