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Re: Debian "install server" setup

 antgel to debian-user wrote:
> Perhaps I missed the point, but don't you want to use apt-proxy for
> offering this service?

I was under the impression that apt-proxy was used for serving packages that one had downloaded for a particular machine.  So if I had downloaded "pingus" for my child it would be available, but a package not previously installed would need to be downloaded from the internet like normal.

Can I use apt-proxy with debmirror (I am mirroring Woody, Stable, Testing, and Unstable for three architectures) for my local mirror?

I promise I am not trying to be difficult, this is just an area I have never looked into and I am not sure about the best way to proceed.

I have also received an email saying that I might want to look into using a local FTP server, so I will add that to my list of possibilities.

How are others accessing their local network mirrors?


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