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Re: mozilla composer asks "would you like to subscribe to <newsgroup name>"

Apparently, _kooto (sent by Nabble.com)_, on 11/09/05 16:58,typed:
> There is another way to browse the debian lists in a newsgroup-like
> threaded format, check out Nabble's mirror of Debian lists:
> http://www.nabble.com/Debian-User-f32.html

Yes, thanks for the link, it indeed looks nice. However, I am using
gmane for a few other mailing lists as well, ones that are not debian
related. So I would still like to get some advice on how to get rid of
this problem.


> Nabble is entirely web based, so you won't have the newsgroup problem.
> like Gmane, you can also post on Nabble and your message will be bridged
> to the list. Nabble has a good search function.
>     H. S.-2 wrote:
>     Since yesterday or so I noticed that in gmane newsgroup account,
>     whenever I do any operation: change to a another newsgroup, grab new
>     messages; mozilla composer prompt me with a message box asking:
>     "would you like to subscribe to <newsgroup name>"
>     This is happening only for gmane newsgroups. I created a new account
>     too
>     but that also has the same problem.
>     Anybody else having this problem?
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