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Re: Hardware RAID advices needed

On lørdag 10 september 2005, 12:52, Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:
> off your back?

Eh, right!

> You did not get any recommendations. Your reason for purchase is
> appealing. But the price differences are huge.

Yep, I didn't get any very specific recommendations, but a lot of good 
information, many thanks to all respondents, so...

> What are you going to do?

I haven't actually decided. However, I'm still evaluating three options. 
The first is a dirt cheap Sunsway Sil 3112-based card, i.e. fakeraid. 
Sunsway produces mostly low-end stuff, but I'm very satisfied with the 
(two) USB2+FireWire card I have from them, so, well, I still consider 
that possibility. 

The second option is a 3ware 8006-2PL, which seems excellently supported 
and has good reviews from everywhere. Right now, this is actually what 
I find most appealing. However, the only local store that I've heard 
favourable things about doesn't have it in stock right now, will get in 
three weeks, which gives me more time to think.

The third option is to buy a SATA non-RAID controller and run SW RAID 
entirely based on that. 

There are some high-endish cards that support expansion and level 
migrating, notably a HighPoint card. However, these are not well 
supported it turns out, and so it isn't very appealing right now. Also, 
my CPU and mobo is now 4 years old, and it may soon need an upgrade, 
future extensibility might not be such a big concern after all. 

The 3ware solution is rather expensive, but not scarily so, that's the 
main downside to it, and of course, the concern "what if the card 
breaks", a situation which isn't quite clear.

Further advices are still appreciated! :-)


Kjetil Kjernsmo
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