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Re: Hardware RAID advices needed

I read on one of the the postgres mailing list a while back that battery
backup makes a huge difference on the LSI SCSI RAID cards, and I know
that at least some of the Areca cards takes a battery.

The other thing that I picked up there was that non-SCSI disks routinely
lie about when data being committed to disks (opposed to just written to
cache).  Cheap disks hence appear faster than they are, and your data
may not actually by sync'ed as expected.  No idea if that is the case of
SATA drives, or how to tell if a particular drive does the "right"

Hardware raid cards use a proprietary format on your disks.  Should your
controller die, you better have a replacement handy, able to buy one or
be prepared to restore your data from backup.  Not sure if this is the
case for non-RAID controllers (I think some SCSI cards play this trick
as well).

Whatever route you go, if you cannot monitor your array it buys you no


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