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Re: X won't start after kernel compile

Bruno Buys wrote:
   Hi Jaime and Simo,
I happen to be more stupid than I previously thought. My mouse is a serial. I had disabled serial stuff on .config. Now, recompiled and 2.12-5 is working ok with X. That's actually the first time I try to compile kernels. Funny thing to do. Do you guys know any literature that can be recommended for a newb on compiling-kernel (debian way)? I don't know exactly how I access kernel efficiency. How much of an improvement am I supposed to experience by compiling custom kernels? How do I benchmark it? What I noticed so far is: the image vmlinuz 2.12 is 1.290.903kb and k7 (stock kernel) is 1.151.346kb. Wasn't my custom kernel to be smaller? Initrd, on the other side, does differ: 1.560.576kb for the custom and 4.608.000kb for the stock k7. Custom takes less time to boot, but after that, it just seems like any kernel.
Any guidance?

you could get rid of the initrd stuff if support for your hard-disk (and some other things? someone please give a listing here!) is built-in, not module, in your custom kernel

A custom kernel probably will be somewhat faster in booting than the ones you get from debian, as you don't need to load so much unused stuff; after that, when running, it just runs its stuff, the same code the debian kernels are running, so you shouldn't feel much difference? (I think :p )



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