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Re: problem setting up LVM with new debian installer (Sarge)

On Wed, 2005-08-31 at 00:18 +0200, Bram Mertens wrote:
> Hi
> Moments ago I finished installing Sarge on my new machine.  Almost 
> everything went fine but apparantey I have made some mistakes.
> I opted to manually partition my disk and have created 3 primary 
> partions: /boot, / and a third partition I set up for LVM.
> I then used the LVM tool to create a Logical Group and several Logical 
> Volumes within that group.
> However I did not see how I could set the filesystem or mount point for 
> those LV's so now /usr, /var are created on / in stead of on one of the 
> LV's and I have no swap (I wanted to set that up as an LV as well.

The easiest way would be to set up the VG and LVs during the install
process. Otherwise, you can do:

mkfs.reiserfs /dev/<VG name>/<LV name 1>
mount /dev/<VG name>/<LV name 1> /mnt
cp -rp /usr/* /mnt/
umount /mnt
# edit fstab so that /dev/<VG name>/<LV name 1> is mounted on /usr

# repeat for /var and <LV name 2>

in order to delete the old contents of /usr & /var, you will probably
need to use a rescue disk, mount your / partition and delete the old
contents of /usr & /var


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