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Re: Help!

Bruno Buys wrote:
> Setting up, in the other hand, isn't. Which is why there must be a well 
> trained technical staff around.

    I take umbrage to that statement.  Debian has been easier to setup and
install since about the late NT, early 2k days.  On my game machine I have
both installed.

    I dread having to reinstall 2k for any reason whatsoever.  The process
normally takes about 5-6 hours, several reboots and a frustrating amount of
time searching the web for drivers for my motherboard, my video card, my sound
card and then, only then, comes the hours of scouring the web for software I
prefer to use (TBird, Firefox, OOo, AVG, etc) and installing them.  The last
time I did am upgrade to that machine I ghosted 2k over to the new HD to avoid
the hassle.

    Conversely I just copied the important files off the Debian side, nuked it
and reinstalled because that was easier than the alternative.  Debian's
install requires all of 2 reboots, is up to a functional state in under 15-20m
and I'm installing all my preferred software from a single interface, without
reboots, shortly after that.  In about an hour, the limitation being my
bandwidth, I'm done.

    There's a reason why Debian's on my server/router/firewall box, my laptop
and the second partition on my game machine.  It is my parent's router box so
I can admin it from remote.  It has been easier for years.

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