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Re: Is it safe to dist-upgrade kde* now?

Kim Adil wrote (Tuesday 06 September 2005 4:56 pm):
> Subject says it all I think.  I and many others had to roll back, and I
> was advised to hold back. How will I know when to proceed?

From my experience, the answer is "nearly" or "almost". Some things still 
haven't been compiled on the new ABI and so will conflict. Most things, 
however, and the majority of the KDE packages, are ready.

A couple of days ago I bit the bullet and upgraded. I had to remove a number 
of packages that hadn't been updated yet, like superkaramba, lyx-qt, koffice, 
and kwin-baghira, among ~50 others. But for me, I think losing them (only 
temporarily, I expect) was worth it.

Most of the functional stuff is there and ready, but not all of it. Unless 
you're really eager to transition, like I was, it's probably best to wait 
until we're given the official "all clear", which, depending on how soon some 
maintainers get the rear into gear, may be a week or more, yet.


PS: Many cheers to all the maintainers involved in pulling off this, and all 
the other simultaneous transitions so smoothly!

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