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Re: using the 'find' program

Kevin Coyner wrote:
> Stephen R Laniel wrote......
> > Bob Proulx wrote:
> > > The results you post look like there is a bug in the option
> > > processing of find.

Note that I also mentioned that this was unlikely and asked about
other possibilities such as aliases and wrappers.

> > I think the original poster just made a mistake and did
> > 
> > find . -iname /tmp

I would not assume that.  It looked like a valid cut-n-paste to me.
But the -iname fooled me because I have seen so many locale problems
in the past.

> > Adhering to Ockham's Razor as we do, I think the simplest
> > explanation consistent with the facts is 'the OP made a typo.' :-)

I disagree.  The simplest answer was an alias or a wrapper!  ;-)

> Well, it's rather embarrassing to admit, but better to confess than
> waste anyone else's time in trying to help me.  Upon further
> investigation I found an old alias in the .bashrc that was named
> 'find' and was screwing things up.  Removing the alias gave me the
> correct, and predictable, behaviour of the true 'find' program.

By posting the real answer it means that others will google and check
that for themselves and probably find similar things.  So many people
post a question, responses are given, but the poster never returns and
we never know if that solution worked or not.  So even if you think it
was embarassing (it's not, we all have days like that) what really
happened is that your karma and 'net respectability just improved
significantly with that response.  I know I appreciate it.

> Thanks for the tips though and I did learn some new tricks.

Good!  Of course the rule is see one, do one, teach one.  So in the
future you will need to help other people out to keep the karma good.


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