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Re: Not able to print page footer or header.

  drl> In Firefox, under File, choose Page Setup. Now, click on the
  drl> tab Margins & Header / Footer. Set all values to 0.25
  drl> (inches). Click on OK. Next, under File again, choose
  drl> Print. Click on Properties and set all number values to 0.25
  drl> (inches). Click on OK.

Thanks for posting those instructions ... my headers/footers have reappeared!
I had given up trying months ago ... thinking it was a CUPS problem ...

  drl> That ought to work.

Yes, almost perfectly.

The upper-left corner of the "page content" slightly overwrites the
upper-left header field.  Do I need to "tweak" things just a bit more?
Would I use a value less than or greater than 0.25?

Also, there is a bit more "space" below the footer than above the header.
Maybe something is wrong with my printer?

Sorry that I don't understand this better!

Thanks again for your suggestions!
Prof Kenneth H Jacker       khj@cs.appstate.edu
Computer Science Dept       www.cs.appstate.edu/~khj
Appalachian State Univ
Boone, NC  28608  USA        

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