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Re: PDF Plugin in Firefox Deer Park

En/La David R. Litwin ha escrit, a 18/08/05 06:46:
>     [...]you need to find nppdf.so file in the browser
>     plugin folder/directory under your Acrobat directory. copy this file
>     to your plugins folder under firefox and restart firefox. if you need
>     more then reply and i will try to help.
> I used Adobe's programme thingy to do this. Suffice it to say that
> nppdf.so exists in my /firefox/plugins folder.
> What now?
David, do you mean literally in your ~/firefox/plugins folder? I don't
know how you installed firefox (I grab the latest verion from their
site) but the personal settings (including themes extensions etc) are
found in my ~/.mozilla/plugins/ and NOT .../firefox/plugins. People
install FF in different ways but this is what works for me. If memory
serves me you need to make sure that acroread is in your path (try
$whereis acroread to confirm this).

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Thank you.

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