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Re: udev - easy setup ?

On Fri, Aug 05, 2005 at 03:20:00PM -0400, H. S. wrote:
   > > 
   > > Good!  I'm glad to see things are coming along.  I don't regularly use
   > > either of the DEs and just use IceWM, so I haven't seen this
   > > progression first hand.
   > Hmm ... If something like this comes along in IceWM, it would be really
   > great. I have an old computer setup as a router in my home. I am running
   > IceWM on it and have to manually mount stuff like this the odd times I
   > have needed to.

I have not tried this, but from the description, usbmount might fit the
bill. It is supposed to be independent of desktops, so it should work
well. If anyone has tried it, will be nice to get some feedback. 

Description: automatically mount and unmount USB mass storage devices
 This package automatically mounts USB mass storage devices (typically
 USB pens) when they are plugged in, and unmounts them when they are
 removed. The mountpoints (/media/usb[0-7] by default), filesystem types
 to consider, and mount options are configurable. When multiple devices
 are plugged in, the first available mountpoint is automatically
 selected. If the device provides a model name, a symbolic link
 /var/run/usbmount/MODELNAME pointing to the mountpoint is automatically
 The script that does the (un)mounting is called by the udev daemon.
 Therefore, USBmount requires a 2.6 (or newer) kernel.
 USBmount is intended as a lightweight solution which is independent of
 a desktop environment. Users which would like an icon to appear when an
 USB device is plugged in should use the pmount and hal packages
 Homepage: http://usbmount.alioth.debian.org/

What I would like to know is its interaction with hal and


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