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Re: udev - easy setup ?

On Thursday 04 August 2005 20:37, Nate Bargmann <n0nb@networksplus.net>
(<20050805023720.GH4585@mail.networksplus.net>) wrote:

> * Jules Dubois <j6bqszk02@sneakemail.com> [2005 Aug 03 20:04 -0500]:
>> On Wednesday 03 August 2005 14:24, Jules Dubois
>> <j6bqszk02@sneakemail.com> (<1280608.e7eXpz5Ndf@knode.kde>) wrote:
>> > I've skimmed some official documents and some Apple developer
>> > documents,
>> > [snip]
>> Sorry to follow-up to my own message, but ignore the original please.
> What do we ignore?

The message I half-finished writing and accidentally sent, the one that
mentions "Apple developer documents".  I discovered that the only
interesting parts of Apple's stuff is extracted from the official USB docs. 
I sent another message like it but with real information.

> I've been watching this thread with interest.  So 
> far I've not tried udev and I'm wondering if it's worth it.

I think it's worth it, but I use only a small fraction of its capabilities. 
When I first installed it, I didn't do any sort of configuration.  I didn't
see any difference in how my system worked, until I looked in /dev where
the dozens (hundreds?) of device nodes I don't use were gone.

I've since created a few rules which while handy and pretty are nothing to
get excited about.  The OP wants to do the kind of thing for which udev is
designed.  I use keys like SYSFS{vendor} and these don't meet Uwe's
requirements.  However, I don't understand enough about USB or kernel
internals to do more than take an insufficiently educated guess about how
to proceed.

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