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Re: Screen Size

David R. Litwin wrote:

>On 31/07/05, Kent West <westk@acu.edu> wrote:
>>David R. Litwin wrote:
>>>I found the said file and the bits pertaining. But, there seem to be
>>>quite a few. Should I change them all or only some?
>>Be aware that if you manually tweak this [XF86Config-4], running "dpkg-reconfigure
>>xserver-xfree86" will no longer have any effect until you do the steps
>>listed at the top of the file. So if you haven't already manually
>>modified this file, you might want to run the dpkg-reconfigure command
>I tried to run that three times making a change only when it asks what
>the default size should be. I un-choose 800x600 and choose 640x840.
>However, it does not make any changes to the XFree86Config-4 file.
As mentioned, if this file have ever been manually editted,
dpkg-reconfigure will no longer modify it unless you follow the steps at
the top of the file. (I really think it's a bug in dpkg-reconfigure to
leave the file alone without any indication, but I've never filed on
it.) I such a situation, either make the manual edits, or do the steps
at the top of the file and then rerun dpkg-reconfigure.

Also, if you're running Testing or Sid, it might be that you've
inadvertently upgraded to X.org, in which case XF86Config-4 is
irrelevant anyway; you should be looking at xorg.conf.


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