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Re: install troubles

Gene Heskett wrote:

But the aptitude interface sure reminds me of the old dselect, and I didn't take long to learn to hate that a decade back. aptitude really really needs one more line of info onscreen full time, and thats the current path in the selection tree. Having to scroll hundreds of screens up and down just to find and cancel, sort of a cd .., out of that branch of the tree takes entirely too much time when searching thru its lists. IMO, an ']' at any point in a sublist should close that sublist and take you back to the parent.

/rant mode

At any point in a sublist pressing "^" will take you to the parent.  After a search, you may have a lot of sublists open, though, so it will take a little time to close all of them.

Hope this helps.  :)



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