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mounting USB flash memory

although I installed usbview and usbmount and other useful-looking programs for usb, I am not able to mount an usb flashdisk . I tried to mount it through console by "mount", but this attempt was unsuccesfull, because I don't know the name of this device in dev folder and flashdisk has strange filesystem called raw. Program USBview shows an USB-printer and joystick, but the flashdisk is missing. This problem appeared on the computer of my brother, and I'm interpreting his question, therefore the information written here may not be accurate. I don't have any problems with my usb driver on my computer - it's mistery for me, because the way of installation of Sarge on both computers was same. One more problem appeared on brother's computer: when I installed a kernel 2.6.8 and wanted to restart the system using this kernel, some error with mounting usb bus appeared. Then the computer freezed, so I must run only the kernel 2.4. Third problem: HP deskjet printer doesn't want to work. I have installed CUPS, then the printer was detected and mounted by this server (correctly). However when I try to print testing page, nothing happens. I think, this is also problem caused by USB.
We have the newest Sarge. We are looking forward to your advice. Thank you.
Nezumi and Dimes

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