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Re: On lprng and magicfilter (was: Re: : Re: Using a novell shared printer from debian.)

On (28/07/05 23:46), Rogério Brito wrote:
> On Jul 28 2005, Joel Peter William Pitt wrote:
> > Used LPRng as the spool daemon and magicfilter as the filter.
> Nice to see others using this combination of programs. I sincerely
> think that magicfilter is underrated. It simply works in the usual
> Unix tradition.
> To be honest, I have not looked much into CUPS for the simple reason
> that:
> 1 - lprng and magicfilter work superbly well for printing my LaTeX
>     texts;
> 2 - my iBook (with MacOS X, which uses CUPS) doesn't match the same
>     quality as the PCL3 driver present in gs-esp (for my HP Deskjet
>     840C),
> I think that I will be keeping both magicfilter and lprng as the
> printing system on my computers, even though I see some people raving
> about how easy configuration with CUPS is.
> Perhaps I'm missing something here that others see?
> Cheers, Rogério.

Hi Rogerio

Well now you've got me intrigued ;)  Although I've been using CUPS as a
matter of course, I can't say the quality of print is particularly high;
I haven't messed around much with the configuration but tried higher res

When, I find some time I shall investigate lprng and magicfilter.  I
found this:


Is this a good starting place?



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