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Re: knoppix DVD 4.0

On Thu, Jul 28, 2005 at 08:01:25PM -0700, Art H wrote:
} Hi all. Just so you know, I'm a newbie, I downloaded,burned and booted
} up with Knoppix 4.0 with no problems and have been using Linux for a
} few days now. I've tried searching for my question but can't find a
} definite answer yet, which is, since I'm running Knoppix from my DVD
} Rom, and don't write anything to my HD, how do I update a program, or
} add a program, I've read alot about apt-get but can't find out how to
} or where to put this or a tutorial on how to use this update feature.

You can expect to be told, repeatedly, that Knoppix is not Debian. You are
especially especially likely be told this if you should try to get help on
the #Debian IRC channel on FreeNode. That said...

A CD or DVD is not a writeable medium (rewriteable notwithstanding). You
can't update anything on it. You need Linux installed on a read/write
medium (i.e. your HD) before you can make any such changes. If you will be
installing on your HD, Knoppix is probably the wrong choice; it's a
well-designed live CD/DVD but it has a lot of quirks when installed
on-disk, to the point that most of the Debian folks who are happy to help
with issues with Debian won't touch a newbie's Knoppix install with a
ten-foot pole. I recommend installing Debian, or possibly Ubuntu (a Debian
derivative). If you are willing to shell out some money, Xandros (another
Debian derivative, very polished) is excellent.

Of course, there are new Knoppix DVDs coming out fairly regularly. Updating
simply by using a new DVD is trivial, but has nothing to do with apt-get.
Unless you have a Debian-based distribution (or Fedora, but we won't go
there) installed on your HD, apt-get is irrelevant.

} I'm going to get a USB flash drive in order to be able to save my
} settings after I shut my computer off. Also what program can I use to
} read newsgroups? I'm using Google Groups at the moment. Thanks.

Thunderbird (from the Mozilla project) is a pretty reasonable graphical
newsreader. There is also knode, which is part of KDE. If you prefer
something text-based (as I do), rather than graphical, the top contenders
are slrn and tin. Of course, I prefer trn4 myself, and very soon either
mutt will have NNTP support rolled in or mutt-ng (which does) will be


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