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Re: gnome config [was: metacity?]

And, also snap a list of everything to be removed. When you do an
"apt-get remove --purge xserver-common" is a BIG depends for many
things. It causes tons o stuff to be removed. Also those things
secondarily force other things to be removed.

Overall, I feel I am far better off doing the removal and purge, than I
was with the hand fixing. Reason being, things that annoyed me for the
last two years are now gone... replaced with stuff that works the way I
knew it should. As it did on other machines, even they using the same
Homedir off a server.

OK, I'm brave, I can do that but it would be good to hear other people's points of view first though........ :)

Due to time constraints and my inability to fix gconf, I am living with the gnome desktop without a window manager. I find it only mildly debilitating and due to the same time constraints, I would rather avoid doing anything that will take hours of work.

I am thinking of waiting until sid matures a bit and then doing a whole system upgrade.

If your machine is significantly fast enough and you have good
bandwidth, it shouldn't take long at all.

And waiting until Sid matures??? Wow, now that is a new one. Sid means
Still In Developement or Unstable. Never will Mature, you'll be
waiting... ummm. Forever?!

saw sid has got the implementation of a xorg instead of xfree86, thought that would be nice to have. what i meant waiting for is the point where the sid release is changed to stable.

still haven't tried re-installing gnome yet.

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