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Re: Migrating from Windows to Debian - keeping email messages from Outlook Express

Jonathan Kaye:
> I'd personally suggest you download the netinst version of "testing"
> (known as Etch). It may sound scary but it's really quite steady.

No, it is not. At least the installer is not yet ready to be released to
newcomers. And running Etch shortly after a release isn't exactly an
advice that I would give a newbie either.

Sarge is really not that bad these days that you *have* to use Etch. If
you are beginner or are generally more interested in working /with/ the
system than to work /on/, Debian stable is a really good choice.

As for the OP's problem: if you have access to an IMAP server, the
easiest thing to do is copy all your messages to that server and try
some of the available linux mail clients. All of them should know IMAP
and that way you don't have to duplicate your mails and lose information
when converting to all the different formats.

If you can run Windows and Debian at the same time, you can even set up
an IMAP server on the Debian box, but that's probably something you
won't be doing on the first day with your new OS (although it is really
very easy).

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