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hostname change

When I installed sarge last time, I managed to insert my FQDN in as
  # hostname teufel.hartford-hwp.com

and now regret it. I must change my domain name to "hartford-hwp.com"
and leave my host name (name of my machine) as "teufel," so that the
FQDN ends up being teufel.hartford-hwp.com.

If I run the command:

  # hostname hartford-hwp.com

That seems to change it for the current boot, but it had disastrous
consequences, such as making it impossible to bring up a terminal to
change it back. 

I understand that the value of hostname resides in many places, and by
changing it only in /etc/hostname, I put my system out of sync.

1. If I change the value of /etc/hostname and reboot,
   will that new value migrate through the system so that everything
   ends up in sync? For example, does xterm reinspect the value of
   hostname during a reboot?  

2. If I set the value of hostname to be my domain name
   (hartford-hwp.com), how does the name of my machine/host
   ("teufel"), which everyone recommends that it have, get its name?

   In /etc/hosts I have: 	localhost localhost.localdoman teufel.hartford-hwp.com	teufel teufel.localdomain

3. I could reconfigure the system base (# /usr/sbin/base-config) and
   when prompted for hostname, put in just my domainname
   (hartford-hwp.com), and then reboot, which I assume will propagate
   this value to all applications. But where then do I define my
   machine's name ("teufel")? As it is now, 

   $ hostname
   $ hostname -d 
     [nothing regurns for domainname]
   $ hostname -a
     localhost.localdoman teufel.hartford-hwp.com 

4. If a reboot after a change in hostname will not take care of
   everything automatically, then it appears I must edit a number of
   files that use the hostname. I gather I shoiuld first identify them:
   $ find / -exec grep -l teuful.hartford-hwp.com {} \; 2>>/dev/null

   and then edit each of these files by hand, including /etc/hostname,
   to replace teufel.hartford-hwp.com with hartford-hwp.com

   Unfortunately, I don't understand the syntax here of the find
   command, and in any case, when run, nothing happens; the command
   just hangs (or do I have to wait a very long time?). 

   If I did manage to get it to work, and I did change hostname value
   everywhere, would this leave my system in sync with the new hostname
   without having to reboot it? 

       Haines Brown

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