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Re: hostname change

I've been googling and reading, and find that there's no consistency
in setting the value of hostname.

My FQDN is teufel.hartford-hwp.com. A few places said to use the
localhost name ("teufel"), in some others, it suggested just the
domain ("hartford-hwp.com"), and most often it is the FQDN.

Changing the hostname is intimidating. I see (inconsistent) directions
for doing so, but also the warnings: Never do it! I gather it does
things to .Xauthority which are bad, and when I grep my /etc directory
to see what needs changing, there are entries in /ssh/ that I'm afraid
to edit by hand. 

I think I'll stick with what I have, since for a stand-alone
workstation, the hostname does not make much difference anyway.

If my current hostname is OK, then the problem boils down to
gnus. When I send messages to a newsgroup, it sets the From line to my
FQDN, and that is unacceptable for a specific reason. 

So where does gnus get the value to put in the From line of the header
of outgoing messages? Simply from /etc/hostname, /etc/mailname, or
/etc/postfix/main.cf ? 

I need to tell gnus to use just my domain name in the From line in the
header. Anyone know how to do that? Unfortunately, nntp server may not
like it.

       Haines Brown

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