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Re: Sarge Install | From floppy & DVD | Not finding hard drive or wireless (RESOLVED)

> >Hi,
> >
> >Installing for the first time. I have Sarge on DVD, but my machine
> >won't boot from them so
> >using floppys. Using the boot.img, root.img and cd-drivers.img from the 1st DVD.

Solution - The BIOS only looked at the first IDE device for boot -
disabled the CD and worked a lot better.

> >
> >Problem 1 - Does not detect my Belkin 802.11g PCI card (F5D7000).
> >I will leave this until after install to fix, but it means I have no network

Still working on this one!

> >Problem 2 - In hardware detect it says it is missing a load of files:
> >ata_piix
> >ide-scsi
> >ide-mod
> >ide-probe-mod
> >ide-generic
> >ide-floppy

Solution - The default kernel is 2.4 for the installer. Booted with
2.6 (linux26) which then had the SATA modules installed and smooth
from there.

Thanks for the help,

David Hart

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