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Re: Sarge Install | From floppy & DVD | Not finding hard drive or wireless

David Hart wrote:

>Installing for the first time. I have Sarge on DVD, but my machine
>won't boot from them so
>using floppys. Using the boot.img, root.img and cd-drivers.img from the 1st DVD.
>Problem 1 - Does not detect my Belkin 802.11g PCI card (F5D7000).
>I will leave this until after install to fix, but it means I have no network
>The installer then insists on trying to find a mirror - of course it
>can't with no network.
>Problem 2 - In hardware detect it says it is missing a load of files:
>I then can't partition or install because it "can't find any
>partitionable drives".
Your problem is probably related to Problem 1 -> Problem 0, aka no
drivers loaded :) I never booted from a floppy to install Sarge, but
from the file names I'm guessing the only drivers you have installed are
for the CD drivers. These are then suppose to be used to install other
drivers? I'm guessing. I don't know exactly.

>It have a feeling that I need to point the installer to the DVD rather
>than a mirror and it will find these files and install - but I just
>can't see how to do this. I know it is reading from the DVD after
>asking for the driver floppy, so it is def. mounted. Am I missing an
>installation option?
Well, did it load the drivers? Because your other problems point that it
cannot find the kernel drivers. You can check that the DVD is mounted in
the console - activate it and the DVD should be mounted (use `mount`
command to check current mounts).

>The machine is a Dell 5000 with SATA HDD on SATA -0, CD-Rom on IDE
>(primary) and DVD writer on IDE (secondary).
And you can't get it to boot from the DVD drive? Weird...

Have you tried booting from a minimal CD like netinst?

- Adam

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