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Re: LILO bug?

Alvin Oga wrote:
On Fri, 1 Jul 2005, Marty wrote:

Alvin Oga wrote:

> lilo puts the MBR where you told it ...
> 	vi /etc/lilo.conf
> boot=/dev/xxxx > > that is where it isntalls it

Again, it does not on my systems, under the conditions I described.

- and what do your boot= line say ...


- how do you "know" that it is doing the right thing or not??

I verified the LILO update to the wrong (SCSI) disk, beyond just
observing that it had been rendered unbootable, if that's what you mean.

- did you delete the mbr info on /dev/hda or /dev/hda1 or /dev/hda2 ...
  on each partition you are trying to test

I'm not trying to test any partitions, and deleting MBRs generally seems
like a bad idea to propose as a debugging procedure.

- did you look at the contents of the mbr BEFORE and AFTER you
  ran lilo

No, but I think the write to the wrong disk takes precedence over
specifics about what data gets written and where.

- did you change the bios boot order

Again, I tried using disk/bios stanzas without success.

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