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Re: LILO bug?

On Fri, 1 Jul 2005, Marty wrote:

> > - how do you "know" that it is doing the right thing or not??
> I verified the LILO update to the wrong (SCSI) disk, beyond just
> observing that it had been rendered unbootable, if that's what you mean.

how did you "verify" that lilo wrote to the wrong disk
vs the scsi disk already having the mbr from prev installs

how do you know the "lilo stuff" you see on the screen is coming
from hda  vs sda 

	- did you make the look-n-feel different on the different disks
	so you know that the mbr you see on the lilo boot screen is
	the one corresponding to each different disks

	- label theboot kernel differently, explicitly for each
	hard disk

	- that is a trivial way to see which MBR is being booted

- it's NOT possible, or extreme slim chance, lilo writes to the wrong
  boot=/dev/xxx divice
> > - did you delete the mbr info on /dev/hda or /dev/hda1 or /dev/hda2 ...
> >   on each partition you are trying to test
> I'm not trying to test any partitions, and deleting MBRs generally seems
> like a bad idea to propose as a debugging procedure.

than you cannot claim there is abug if you cannot explicitly confirm  it
and duplicate the error

> > - did you look at the contents of the mbr BEFORE and AFTER you
> >   ran lilo

> No, but I think the write to the wrong disk takes precedence over
> specifics about what data gets written and where.

not possible ... more likely that there;s something you forgot or
overlooked ... lilo does NOT write tothe wrong disk ... it does
NOT overwrite anything

- which version of lilo ...
	- did you go to the lilo site to download the latest version
	that was previously posted ...

> > - did you change the bios boot order
> Again, I tried using disk/bios stanzas without success.

bios boot order has NOTHING to do with "disk stanza" (presumably in lilo)
c ya

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