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Re: Firefox no print issue

Nicos Gollan wrote:
On Wednesday June 8 2005 20:50, Jim Hall wrote:

Because printing in Linux and I are not on the best of terms, I sort of
expected to see something more CUPS related. I say that because in the
CUPS setup I've done so far I didn't see any lpr commands.

So there we have a(nother) potential culprit. Install the cupsys-bsd package.

It will replace the BSD printer tools (lpr and others) which use the antiquated printcap system for configuration and replace them with drop-in commands that actually use the CUPS configuration. It seems that installing CUPS doesn't automatically install those tools, so any program that uses them may or may not work while others that use CUPS directly (e.g. KDE or Gnome) work just fine.

It's already installed. I did that when I installed cups. What are you suggesting I do with printcap, lpr, etc. (if installed)? Could there be conflicts that I can clean up? If clean up/removal can/should be done, how do I make sure cups is used by everything on the system? Does this mean that the non-print issue with Firefox is just the symptom of larger issues?

Addition to my comment about not seeing any lpr commands. I found that GGV and gv both reference lpr in "Print Command" in their Print dialog boxes.


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