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On Mon 6 June 2005 21:57, Hal Vaughan wrote:

> Questions for you and others now using Dvorak: I could change my own
> keyboard to whatever I want, but I know I'll still have to use other
> keyboards, and I've been using QWERTY for close to 30 years.  So:
> 1) How hard is it to change over?,

It's best to do it when you have a few weeks when you absolutely won't 
be using QWERTY.

> 2) Once you've changed over, how hard is it if you have to use Qwerty
> on someone else's computer?,

On someone else's, not hard at all. On your own however is another 

I don't actually use a pure Dvorak keyboard - the home and upper rows 
are but I've reconfigured the bottom row and some of the non-letter 
characters to resemble the QWERTY layout more closely since they're 
used less and it's harder to remember their new locations. This has 
helped to preserve some of the common bottom-left keyboard shortcuts 
(with "Cut" bound to 'K' which is in the QWERTY 'C' location in KDE) 
and characters like the forward slash. I humbly call the layout 
"Davidian" :).

David P James
Ottawa, Ontario
ICQ: #42891899, Jabber: davidpjames@jabber.org

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