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Re: Alsa not working after reboot

cothrige wrote:
> * Colin (cwvca_SPAMNOT@hotmail.com) wrote:
>>alsaconf will load the modules that you need but it won't add them to your
>>/etc/modules file to have them load after a reboot.  Do "lsmod" before and
>>after alsaconf and put the modules that were added by alsaconf in /etc/modules.
> Yes, that worked.  After Mr. Hood's post above, thanks by the way, I
> saw this suggested in the README.Debian file.  Actually there was
> quite a bit more about hotplug, but this caught my eye as being
> straightforward and so I did it first.  Although I only added one
> module, snd-es1688, and apparently the rest was loaded automatically.
> Now I have quite a few snd modules listed in lsmod, and I rebooted
> with nothing  in the /etc/modules file but that one above.  But,
> working is what counts.

I'd suggest putting in snd-pcm-oss and snd-mixer-oss if it isn't there already.

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