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On Mon, Jun 06, 2005 at 03:46:01PM -0600, Cam wrote:

So after a few years of hearing of the DVORAK layout (and noticing
that it seems like my left hand is doing all the work w/ QWERTY), i'd
like to try to make the switch... here's my major concern though (and
perhaps this isn't really an issue, i'd like to hear the advice from
others that have given DVORAK a spin).  How does DVORAK work w/ apps
like vim, nethack, etc.? the key-layouts seem to be fairly logical and
i would hate to lose them, is there some sort of patch--or is that too
ugly?  Is it worth the switch?

Having tried it once let me say that it is not worth it.
a) the myth that qwerty was designed to slow you down is a lie. qwerty
was designed to keep mechanical keys from binding, which is more layout
related than speed related.

b) almost everyone's keyboard is qwerty or some very similar variation.
When you sit down at someone else's machine or a public machine you'll
just be at the wrong key layout, which will mess with your dvorak

c) if anyone ever has need to use your machine they will be pretty much
out of luck unless you reorder your key caps so they can find the keys.
Ever try to log into a dvorak machine when you remember your network
password by key position and not the actual letters?

d) the myth that dvorak is faster than qwerty is just that, as any
decent amount of searching will show.

e) if you are already an accomplished touch typer in the qwerty system
you'll have to relearn your typing skills pretty much from scratch.

In short, change if you want to, but I found the effort much too high
for any percieved potential reward.

Steve Block

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