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Wireless help

I have a Linksys WPC11 V4 for a wireless card. I had it working in ubuntu, but now after my switch to Sarge i have been so far unsucessful. I am using ndiswrapper to load the Realtek driver. After a 'ndiswrapper -l' it shows taht the driver is installed and the device is detected. I am unable to do a 'modprobe ndiswrapper' like i did in Ubuntu. So yeah pretty much from there i am clueless as to what i need to do. The device does not show up in ifconifg or the GUI networking devices app. like it did in ubuntu as wlan0 (im in windows right now till i get it working, once this prob. is solved...GOOD BYE WINDOZE!!) So the sooner i get this problem solved, the better.

Thanks for the help,
Trevor Pankonien

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