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Re: Sound over X (was Re: X and sound on debian, really wanted!)

Hi, again.

Managed to get it working (sort of!).

I have  a desktop machine that sits in another room because the flashing 
lights and the noisy fans would not be allowed into the living room.

I have a laptop that I use all the time connected to the desktop. I run X on 
the desktop and view it's contents on the laptop with the following command;

X -query desktop :1

I am not able to get to log in remotely using kdm.

First of all, I had to install nas (the server package) on the laptop.

Then I installed nas-bin (the client utils) on the desktop.

I then had to change the /etc/default/nas file on the laptop to have the "-aa" 
option to allow unauthenticated connections.

I was then able to run


on the laptop's konsole and it said everything was fine.

I was also able to execute the following on a remote konsole on the desktop 
(i.e. sat at the laptop in KDE on the desktop):

auinfo -audio tcp/laptop:8000

and get the results I needed.

When I then execute:

audial -audio tcp/laptop:8000 -volume 50 0123

and get the tones come out of the laptop!!!

Unfortunately, when I then tell KDE to use the NAS, I get segfaults - so it 
does not work.

Next I'm going to look at ESD and then aRTS if that fails.

Will let you know.


On Thursday 26 May 2005 00:46, Marty wrote:
> TreeBoy wrote:
> > Do you mean NAS (Network Audio System) which is available on Debian now.
> That seems to be something else.  The slashdot discussion is about X.org's
> MAS (media application server), and the posting links to this web site:
> http://www.mediaapplicationserver.net/
> Since this is an X.org project, I suspect we have to wait until Debian
> completes the transition from XFree86 to X.org.
> > I'm intending to try and sort this out for myself this very weekend.
> >
> > I'll post if you're interested.
> I would be interested.  Thanks.
> > Cheers,
> > TreeBoy

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