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Re: CPU's and system monitor

On 08:45, Wed 18 May 05, John Moran wrote:
> Gnu-Raiz wrote:
> >On 19:14, Tue 17 May 05, John T. Moran wrote:
> > 
> >
> >>I installed Debian sarge today and the install went good. I couldn't get 
> >>the system to boot with the 2.6.8 smp kernel so I changed the repository 
> >>to unstable and installed the kernel. Everything went fine and 
> >>no problems. System shows no bad behaviour. The one thing I noticed is 
> >>the System monitor is only showing one cpu. I have an Intel d865gbf 
> >>board with a 3.0 HT P4. I also have an Ubuntu 5.04 install on another 
> >>hard drive and it shows 2 cpu's.
> >>
> >>I checked the /proc/cpuinfo file and it is listing a cpu0 and cpu1.
> >>
> >>Any help with why System monitor would only show one cpu and any oher 
> >>ways to check if the HT is being used correctly? Thanks.
> >>
> >>John
> >>   
> >>
> > >One of the first things I would check is top, see if
> > 
> >see's two cpu's. I would also check dmesg see if it lists
> >two cpu's, I do not know how it lists a logical cpu, but I
> >am sure google can find it out for you.
> >
> >I know many moons ago when I tried the installer on sarge it
> >only seen one cpu, seems that they do not include an smp
> >aware kernel with the installer, that might of changed a
> >while ago. If that is the case just make your own, or
> >download a smp aware kernel with apt-get. That was with dual
> >amd MP cpus, was many moons ago, probably going on a good
> >nine months. 
> >
> >You just might want to keep it to one cpu as HyperThreading
> >has a security bulletin against it, found in the BSD's
> >probably effects all OS's. Check the news its all over the
> >web if you want to find out more.
> >
> >Gnu-Raiz
> >
> >
> > 
> >
> top only sees one cpu. Haven't tried dmesg. Will try when I get to the 
> machine again.
> The installer finds (I guess) a HT cpu because it lists as a choice the 
> 2.6.8 smp kernel. When I try to use that kernel, the machine fails to 
> boot, so I choose 2.6.8 and it boots fine. Then I download and install 
> the 2.6.11-1 kernel. It boots up fine but system monitor does not see 2 
> cpu's. Other than that, the system seems fine.
> The exact same system running Ubuntu with kernel 2.6.10-7 smp sees the 
> dual (HT) cpu's. I've also had FC3 installed and it sees the HT cpu as 2 
> cpu's.
> Seems the two smp kernels I've tried with debian both display their own 
> set of problems that I don't see with other distros or other distros 
> based on debian.
> John

Why not just use the kernel config from the Ubuntu kernel,
or compare the two kernels configs, seems that maybe Debian
has something left out of the config. Could very well be a
bug you might want to file a bug report against that kernel


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