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sound error - where to begin?

Hi.  I'm running Debian testing.  This morning I aptitude 
dist-upgrade'ed and now I do not have working sound.

Unfortunately I do not really have any idea of how to debug this.  Can 
someone suggest some things I can check out?  I noticed that /dev/dsp 
and /dev/mixer are missing.  Should they necessarily be there?  Also, 
I'm using OSS, not ALSA (I know, I'm a caveman... it's just because I 
had trouble getting ALSA to work long ago and never had the free time 
or compelling need to switch).  Also, my kernel is a custom 2.6.10, 
running in 32-bit compat mode on an AMD64 proc, w/ integrated audio 
(though none of that should matter, because sound worked just fine 

My only other clues so far are that if I start aumix, I get the error 
aumix:  error opening mixer

and if I start up xmms, I get a popup window saying "Couldn't open 
audio.  Please check that: your soundcard is configured properly, you 
have the correct output plugin selected, no other program is blocking 
the sound card."  (I'm pretty sure the SC is configured, as it was 
working fine yesterday.  The output plugin is correct - again it hasn't 
changed since it was working yesterday - though it seems to depend 
on /dev/dsp and /dev/mixer. As for the blocking, I'm not certain how to 
check that - there are no lockfiles in /var/lock/.)

Thanks in advance.

Aaron Maxwell - http://redsymbol.net

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