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Re: do I really need "make-kpkg clean"?

Apparently, _Roberto C. Sanchez_, on 05/03/2005 07:10 PM,typed:
H. S. wrote:

Apparently, _Andres Järv_, on 05/03/2005 06:05 PM,typed:

I'm missing the point of make-kpkg. It doesn't make any other
difference than make things more complicated IMHO. I just use the old
fashion way of cp and make modules_install ;)

The only advantage I see is that I get a deb package of the kernel I am
compiling. But with the trouble of having to do a clean and then
recompiling everything even after a teeny bit tweak of config, I am
wondering if it is worth obtaining the deb anymore.


Set 'do_clean := NO' in /etc/kernel-pkg.conf.  I have in the past
modified the config slightly and rebuilt the package with the same
revision #.  Just be aware that you will clobber your existing kernel
and need an immediate reboot.

When I am recompiling a kernel with the same version and revision and skipping the "make-kpkg clean" step, the kernel name is going to be exactly the same. So I reboot into an alternate kernel first to stay clear of any pitfalls that may result due to the 'clobbering' of the recompiled kernel.


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