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do I really need "make-kpkg clean"?


I am compiling a new kernel and tinkering with various options. If I
just compiled a new version and just want to make slight changes in it,
do I really need to do "make-kpkg clean" and wait an hour before I get a
new one?

Can't I:
1) compile a new version called 2.6.11.myver
2) boot into it and see that I need to change an option
3) reboot into an alternate kernel
4) do the change in the config file of 2.6.11.myver and recompile it
(same version same revision, everything is the same) without doing
"make-kpkg clean"?

All the webpages showing debian way of compiling the kernel list this
intermediate step. I don't see the advantage of using the make utility
if we have to restart from the beginning even for a slight change in the
source. What am I missing?


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