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On Tue, May 03, 2005 at 05:57:02PM +0200, Timo Schoeler wrote:
> please stop posting this!
> Nice ASCII logo.
> > 
> > I work for poor people through UNDP.
> one more proof that there i) are wrong people in the wrong places and
> ii) much money is being wasted.
> > I am not a government nor Microsoft employee.
> shouldn't make a difference as money rules the world (*cough*)... so
> your employer is meaningless (even if it's any UN subsidiary -- the UN
> is meaningless, please look at the US spreading war all over the world,
> the UN doing nothing against it. and no, it's not the 'terror' they're
> fighting -- the real terror comes from the US -- it's the fight for
> 'their oil'... bastards)!

In all fairness, the U.N. doesn't have the military strength to stop the U.S
from doing whatever it wants.  But it is still occasionally capable on intervening
in disputes and disasters involving smaller countries.  Often a UN resolution
is capable of stopping a war, when the leaders feel compelled to posture
and feel inexorably drawn to a war they don't want.  A sibgle resolutions can
give them an excuse to conpromise.  But when a country with more military might
than the rest of the world combined decides to set off on the warpath and
dismisses the UN and any peacable process as worthless, well, there's not
much the UN *can* do.

-- hendrik

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