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Linux newbie questions

Hello all:


I’m a rank newbie in all things Linux. I chose the Debian distro after reading an article by Will Smith in Maximum PC magazine (Feb. 2005) which recommended this distro (specifically Sarge) – primarily for the package management and apt-get ability. I decided to try this all out with an extra HD in my office computer – dual boot with WinXP. Installation went quite smoothly, but I found downloading the ISO files directly was much faster than using jigdo. I made the first 8 CD’s.


Sarge installed nicely with the 2.4.27-2-386 kernel. I finally got the C-media sound to come on, and FINALLY got printing to work with CUPS. I made a mistake by choosing a -686, rather than -386, version of a specific file and thought I hosed my system when it tried to boot into a new kernel – X wouldn’t work (I had nVidia 3D drivers successfully installed on the ‘correct’ kernel). Finally dug myself out of that and deleted the grub entry for the 686 kernel. I AM enjoying the learning process, but my ‘day job’ precludes a lot of time to play with it. I did get Firefox and Thunderbird installed and working well. Now, I may need to go to a strictly newbie list, but I have a couple of questions – that may be specific to this Sarge version :


I was clicking around the Control Center (KDE), and in Administration, there is a section on Kernel – but it comes up with a “Sorry” message that an architecture is not listed, and it has a default location of /usr/src/linux. I don’t have a linux folder at this location – I have /usr/src/kernel-header 2.4.27-2-386, and another header without the 386. When I navigate to these files, it changes nothing. Where is the kernel ?


Also, I’m trying to get a USB MP3 player to be accessed. I plugged in my Nomad MuVo, power came on, but nothing started up or was declared as a new device. The Info applet did recognize the device on USB hub 4, but I don’t know how to transfer the music files or even listen to the music on the player.


I appreciate any help or direction on where to find it.


Thanks !


James Hall, MD

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