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Re: Problems with Debian 3.0 when trying to install on an ASUS av8 motherboard with an ATI x800 graphics card

Thanks for everyone for his/her support. I found in very useful.
Thanks clive for aptitude......great front for apt!

Now i have one last problem.... i installed over 5 GB of packages
using aptitude since i am a newbie at Linux in general and want to
experiment. However I am having a problem with X. As i said my
graphics card is an ATI X800 Pro. To cut short X will not start. I am
supposed to have the latest version (Version 11 release 6.6) but when
i try to start it, the error msg that i receive is 'No screen found'

Can anyone please help me? I know that maybe i am asking to be spoon
fed but i really am helpless at this point.

Thank you

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