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Re: xmms plugins for m4p

--- Rajesh Menon <menon.rajesh@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey, is anyone here using any m4p plugins to play,
> say music from 
> itunes, on xmms?
> I was lookin to build the faad2 source with the xmms
> plugin, but I've 
> wasted a lot of time now debugging that code, and am
> willing to sit on 
> it only if I get no positive replies from this list
> (and when I'm less 
> furious to look at it again.)    :)
> Thanks - bfn.

Quick Test

I found a random m4p file not from iTunes on a google

filetype:m4p music

they are protected with DRM (Digital Rights
Management) and you should not be able to play such

did you search google and read this article yet?
xmms m4p plugin
NOTE legal issues:
Decrypting these files is likely a violation of the
iMusic user agreement and possibly a violation of the
DMCA in the US

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