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Re: Easiest way of previewing a Linux distro

On Sun, 17 Apr 2005 15:17:38 +0200
Bob Alexander <bob@ngi.it> wrote:

> Lee Braiden wrote:
> > Hmm.  Should've read the the original post before replying to this.  Didn't 
> > realise you were looking for a solution from Windows.
> > 
> Nope Lee. Sorry for having mixed up things myself (English is really 
> different than my mothertongue). I use Linux 99.9% of my time. I was 
> referring to VirtualPC under XP since I happened to have used that to 
> emulate virtual machine under Win.
> But what I was asking is the fastest/easiest way to try out non-CD based 
> distros under Linux.
> Know about BOCHS and QEMU but never have tried them and was asking about 
> the EXPERIENCE on these or others in terms of ease of setup and 
> completeness of emulation (X and network in the virtual machine) more 
> than performance which is not an issue for me.

I have tried qemu and it is very easy to setup, although the win2k hardware
testing part locked up the machine for some reason. Don't know if its a kernel
issue or qemu issue (as its user space emulation it should be at least a kernel
issue if not both). It does provide a gui interface and allows for virtual
networking via the tun/tap interface. Its also supposed to be faster then bochs.

Both qemu and bochs emulate the hardware rather then give direct access to
it (which is what vmware is doing at least partially), which makes things
slower, but you can emulate different machines though, so at least with bochs
(not sure about qemu) you should be able to test mac osX under and intel
machine for instance. qemu also has a userspace only emulation so that you can
run programs compiled for intel under mac and vise versa.

Another option would be to dedicate a small partition (say 500 MB to 1GB) for
this purpose and install things on it (both grub and lilo can handle booting
multiple systems).

> Thank you (ant others),
> Bob
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