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Re: Easiest way of previewing a Linux distro

Lee Braiden wrote:
Hmm. Should've read the the original post before replying to this. Didn't realise you were looking for a solution from Windows.

Nope Lee. Sorry for having mixed up things myself (English is really different than my mothertongue). I use Linux 99.9% of my time. I was referring to VirtualPC under XP since I happened to have used that to emulate virtual machine under Win.

But what I was asking is the fastest/easiest way to try out non-CD based distros under Linux.

Know about BOCHS and QEMU but never have tried them and was asking about the EXPERIENCE on these or others in terms of ease of setup and completeness of emulation (X and network in the virtual machine) more than performance which is not an issue for me.

Thank you (ant others),

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