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Re: ~/.bashrc problem

Kuang He wrote:
2005/4/15, Olive <olive.lin@versateladsl.be>:

But if you use a URL directly written on the command line, not stored in
a variable; you must enclose it in single quote to prevent expansion of
"variables" which might be present in the URL.

Thanks for replying.

Because I am too lazy, I'd like not to type the single quotes myself
and really wondered if I can work out some ways to solve this. :-)

Not with bash. Althoug it does not solve your question; you might be intersted in the trick I use. Install xsel and bound some key (Ctrl+Alt+w for me) to the following command

sh -c "xterm -hold -mesg -ut -e wget `xsel -p`"

Then if you press Ctrl+Alt+w (or whatever key you have bound); you will see see an xterm with wget downloading the url present in the clipboard. If the url is present somewher, no need to type it, just select it and press Ctrl+Alt+w.

In my case I use icewm; for which you have to put the following in ~/.icewm/key

key "Alt+Ctrl+w"        sh -c "xterm -hold -mesg -ut -e wget `xsel -p`"


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