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Re: ~/.bashrc problem

Kuang He wrote:
2005/4/15, Robert Vangel <robert@vangelr.net.au>:

Using " should work, or if you want a literal " you would use \" but
this would break it...

Using " works most of the time, but, if you encouter some URL like http://bbs.ustc.edu.cn/cgi/sf?bid=260&aof=M425dea7e&fn=23.jpg
It does not work properly.

The fact is that you must convice bash to pass the url to wget without modification.

Let's see a few examples

[oesser@logic-pc1 ~]$ a="hello"
[oesser@logic-pc1 ~]$ echo "$a"

However the expansion is done only once; characters inside the variable a itself is not expanded anymore:

[oesser@logic-pc1 ~]$ hello="good morning"
[oesser@logic-pc1 ~]$ a='$hello'     # character inside single quote are
                                     # not expanded
[oesser@logic-pc1 ~]$ echo "$a"      # expand the variable $a but once
                                     # it is done do not try to expands
                                     # the variable $hello

So if you use "$1" it will work whatever characters are present in $1. But if you use a URL directly written on the command line, not stored in a variable; you must enclose it in single quote to prevent expansion of "variables" which might be present in the URL.


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