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Yahoo Secure Login Fails (Sarge, firefox | epiphany | fetchyahoo)

For the past two days, secure log-in has failed me at yahoo
(https://login.yahoo.com/) using current sarge and firefox or epiphany
browsers or fetchyahoo.  On different accounts, I get one of these errors:

Invalid Password
ID and password do not match.

Requesting a new password on the secure log-in page produces a password
that also will not work on secure log-in.  Yahoo has not responded to my
reports beyond auto-acknowledging.

I've resorted to "insecure" log-in as a work-around solution.

Fetchyahoo bug 304658 may be a clue.  Anyone else having success or
failure with this?


P.S.  My sarge updates between last secure log-in and first failure:
[UPGRADE] gconf 1.0.9-6 -> 1.0.9-7
[UPGRADE] initrd-tools 0.1.77 -> 0.1.78
[UPGRADE] libgconf11 1.0.9-6 -> 1.0.9-7
[UPGRADE] libtiff4 3.7.2-1 -> 3.7.2-2
[UPGRADE] libxft2 2.1.2-6 -> 2.1.7-1
[UPGRADE] libxslt1.1 1.1.12-6 -> 1.1.12-8
[UPGRADE] sharutils 1:4.2.1-11 -> 1:4.2.1-13

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