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Re: cannot eject or retract cdrom tray anymore


from man eject:

The  device  corresponding  to <name> is ejected. The name
can be a device file or mount point, either a full path or
with  the  leading "/dev" or "/mnt" omitted. If no name is
specified, the default name "cdrom" is used.
On Thu, Apr 14, 2005 at 12:02:39PM -0400, H. S. wrote:
> Those that work:
> $> eject /dev/hdc   <-- for cdrom
> $> eject /cdrom     <-- for cdrom
> $> eject /dev/hdd   <-- for cdrw
> > eject /media/cdrw <-- for cdrw
> $> eject cdrw       <-- for cdrw
> The one that does not work:
> $> eject cdrom
> eject: unable to find or open device for: `cdrom'
> Contrast this with the "eject cdrw" above. That is what I do not understand.
> ->HS
Joachim Fahnenmüller

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